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RCA suspends AEL&P's rate increase request for further investigation, does not approve interim rate
Published: 06/17/2010 21:18:55
The Regulatory Commission of Alaska suspended AEL&P's request for a permanent rate hike of 24% to Juneau residential power rates on Thursday evening. An interim rate hike of 20% was denied.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) Thursday suspended the rate increase request filed in TA381-1 by Alaska Electric Light & Power (AEL&P) into Docket U-10-029 for further investigation. The RCA denied AEL&P's request to collect interim rates beginning June 18, 2010. A hearing is set for July 6, 2010, to allow AEL&P to further address its request for interim rates, after which time the RCA will determine whether interim rates are appropriate.

AEL&P filed a revenue requirement and cost-of-service study as TA381-1 on May 3, 2010. In this filing, AEL&P asked for interim and refundable rates of 20 percent higher than current rates and a 24 percent permanent across the board increase to its base rate demand and energy charges. The RCA conducted a consumer input hearing in Juneau on June 15, 2010, and altogether, has received over 100 oral and written comments.

By: Mikko Wilson -