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Juneau hosts 36th annual Alaska Folk Festival
Published: 04/08/2010 17:56:00
The annual 36th annual Alaska Folk Fest is taking place this week in Juneau.

Festival President Greg McLaughlin, told us about the history of the event. Well the Folk Festival started in the mid 70s with a small group of people getting together at the Alaska State Museum, for a one night gig. That soon became a weekend, and then grew into a week long festival.

The event moved to Centennial Hall in 1985, where it has continued to grow.

Nicole Church , One of this years first time performers was inspired after attending last years Festival. I enjoy music so much, and its my life, but last year I had an epiphany. I was like You know what, I really need to do this, I really need to get up there on stage. Sharing myself through music, with other people, - theres nothing better than that. Said Church

As we head towards the weekend, the Folk Festival really gets up to speed.
Greg McLaughlin listed some of the highlights: We have our guest artist Guy Davis, a Blues man from New York. We also have a guest dance band: The Tall Boys, out of Seattle. Theyre an old time Appalachian string band, and theyre a red hot square dance band. And then we have Doc South, who has been a major influence to a lot of musicians around the state, coming down from the Wasilla area. Hes 82 years old and hell be telling stories over at the State Museum as well as playing music with a lot of his friends.

The festival isnt just at Centennial hall, but all over town as McLaughlin explained. As it gets towards the weekend, its 24-hours straight. You can find people jammin anywhere.

And thats most of the fun of the Folk Festival. What happens on the main stage is great, but what happens after hours is even better.

By: Mikko Wilson -