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JuneauBroadband hosting party to promote Juneau's Google broadband bid
Published: 03/18/2010 17:46:40
JuneauBroadband Logo
JuneauBroadband Logo (JuneauBroadband)

JuneauBroadband, a group created by the Juneau Economic Development Council to apply for Juneau to become a test city for Google's new super fast fiber-optic network, is hosting a free party this Saturday evening at the Hanger Ballroom at 6pm.

The event runs until 10pm.

In addition to free "Hi-Speed Spruce Ale" & door prizes including Android phones, the group will be providing information about ultra-high speed networks and what it would mean for Juneau to be selected for the trial. There will also be the opportunity to show your support at the party by nominating Juneau and getting videotaped giving your reason to Google why they should select Juneau.

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KATH-TV is a supporter of the JuneauBroadband initiative.