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Town Downhill ski race open to all at Eaglecrest
Published: 03/07/2013 19:20:00
Last Sunday Eaglecrest played host to a special type of ski race. Organized by the Juneau Ski Club, the Town Downhill is open to all according to race organizer Ed Squibb of the Juneau Ski Club: "This is a club event but it's also a more community event we're thinking in terms of; so we have absolutely everybody. Anybody that can bring a board, or skies, or telemarker skies; whatever you want to be on today; as long as you have $10 and feel like doing it, that's what we want. And we've got a beautiful day for it."

Juneau Ski Club operates on a tight budget and a lot of volunteer hours. Events like the Town Downhill barley cover the cost of the events themselves, but the payoff is allowing more of the community to participate in ski racing says Squibb: "We're reviving and old race we had here 20-25 years ago were basically Rainier gave us some money, the beer company gave us some money to put on a series of events here. And we did this for 3 or 4 years, it pretty much got lost in the fog, and we revived it last year. So this is our 2nd annual event."

After a little practice, racers make 2 timed runs and pick their fastest time for the competition.

"And we have prizes, huge prizes. We have 3 caps for women, and 3 caps for me, and that's it" said Squib. Apparently it's a pride thing. "It's bragging rights. Because speed events are a whole different animal; if you take your camera down and see the smiles that are passing through that finish gate, prizes aren't of any importance in this run I don't think."

If you're over 21, there's another opportunity to compete on the slopes this weekend at Eaglecrest in the Alaskan Brewing Company's High Gravity Games on Sunday. KATH-TV is a sponsor of the games and you can find registration information at Eaglecrest's website though the link below.

By: Mikko Wilson -