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Arrow Refuse rolls out curbside recycling in Juneau
Published: 05/24/2012 17:04:00
This week, Arrow Refuse begun rolling out their new curbside recycling program in Juneau. The first blue-lidded recycling cart was delivered by State Senator Egan to Mayor Bothelho on Monday afternoon.

Bothelho spoke about how long Juneau has been waiting for curbside recycling: "It has been decades, this was first talked about at least in the early '90s, late '80s. And to actually be at a point where we're going to have curbside recycling is just, it's been a long time coming. Dennis served on the Assembly with me when I was Mayor back in the late '80s early '90s, we were talking about this and we're finally here. And what's amazing about this as well - I'll comment - is that this has been a private sector initiative that hasn't been driven by government subsidy."

"That's a good thing" added Egan.

Bothelho conveyed his appreciation to Matt Dull, Operations Manager at Arrow Refuse: "It also speaks very highly of where you're going."

"Well, we've always watched the community for a long time and we wanted to step in wherever the needs are. And until the gravity lock actually came into play from Germany, just within the last year or so; that's what's allowed us to meet that curb-side requirement of having the lid latched. And so here we are today, off we're going" Dull responded.

The gravity locks on the cans keep the lid closed should the can get knocked over by the wind or animals, but unlatch automatically when the can is inverted by the mechanical pickup arm of the new trucks.

Arrow bought three new automated side-load trucks that use a mechanical arm controlled by the driver to pick up cans from the curbside. Two of the trucks will be used for garbage and one will be dedicated to recycling pickup. The tighter areas of downtown known as the "Blue Zone" will still be served by older smaller semi-automated rear-load trucks.

The new program expands the range of recyclable materials in Juneau, and makes recycling easier as you don't have to pre-sort your recyclables says Dull. "You can throw anything in there, and that's all laid out in the brochure there. And one of the, added to that is that we can put plastics 1 through 7 in there; and right now the drop-off center, because it's source separated, is just plastics 1 and 2. So it brings more convenience to the customer , you can put more in there, and in turn we'll be able to divert more from the waste stream going into the landfill."

By: Mikko Wilson -