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Discovery Southeast's annual auction this Saturday
Published: 04/05/2012 18:15:00
Discovery Southeast is a local organization focused on outdoor nature education working closely with Juneau schools, and directly with kids through various hands-on programs such as Nature Studies and Outdoor Explorers.

Beth Weigel is the Executive Director at Discovery Southeast, she told us about the programs: "We do a variety of different programs with all different types of groups but we're most known for our programs with kids, we like to build that connection with nature when kids are small and get to learn about their own back yard. We know that if kids are connected to their back yards, they're going to grow up and want to take care of their own back yards, and when kids spend more time outside they also develop much healthier habits and are happier healthier more focused kids as well."

The group's annual auction fundraiser takes place this Saturday evening at Centennial Hall.

The auction has 3 different components according to Discovery Southeast board member Brock Tabor: "There's a live auction, then there's a silent auction, and then we cap it off with our dessert auction."

Many of the items, particularly in the live auction, involve travel both far away and local getaways.

"So it's an opportunity for folks to maybe take advantage of some of the activities that happen here during the summer or in other areas they might not have an opportunity to do so otherwise. We also have well over 100 items in our silent auction; everything from jams and jellies to once again different trips with our local businesses, our partners here in town. And then we have our dessert auction which is an opportunity for folks to try out all sorts of different desserts; once again from our local businesses as well as from our volunteers and from donors here in the community. Everything from banana cream pie to chocolate cherry truffles. So it's a great opportunity for folks to come and have a little meal, get something to share with their friends and family, and support a great organization as well" said Tabor.

By: Mikko Wilson -