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Symphony of Seafood 2011 brings some of Alaska's finest dishes to Juneau
Published: 03/10/2011 18:55:00
With fifty percent of the US Seafood Production happening in Alaska, fishing is a big deal for the state. Every year, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation holds a competition to find the best new Alaskan Seafood products. The competition, in it's 18th year, visited Juneau on Tuesday.

James Browning is the Executive Director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation. He told us about the competition. "It's a new products contest basically. We invite processors and companies that make seafood to enter any new products they have that are market ready and they enter them into this contest. We start out by forming a panel of judges; they are all chefs and professional food writers. Our first event of the Symphony of Seafood is held in Seattle and a panel of about 10 judges, they sample all the entries. We have 15 different entries this year. And that took place February 3rd in Seattle."

A similar event was then held later in February in Anchorage where the Seattle winners were announced. The entrants vary from large food corporations to smaller Alaskan companies.

Brooke McLaughlin and Meghan Clark own "Crabby Sisters" a small company in Anchorage with only one product: Gluten free crab cakes. "We went down to Seattle, and we competed in the retail category. And in Anchorage we were informed that we took 3rd place, and we were up against some pretty big guys, so we're very proud." said Clark.

According to Browning, the competition then came to Juneau as a reminder to the capitol that fishing is an integral part of Alaska's economy. "We thought there's so much talk in Alaska these days about oil and gas, that we thought that we would bring the Symphony of Seafood to Juneau to let folks know that there is still a vibrant fishing industry and seafood industry in the state." he said.

Winners of the Juneau event join the winners from Anchorage and Seattle to compete at the International Boston Seafood Show later this month.

By: Mikko Wilson -