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JUMP and Banff film festivals in Juneau this week
Published: 02/03/2011 18:55:00
The JUMP Society is a local film club started 9 years ago to provide a venue for local film-makers to screen their works.

Pat Race is one of the founders of the Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society, he told us about the club. "The JUMP Society started actually, we did some film festivals when we were up in school up in Fairbanks and we really enjoyed putting those festivals together. It gave us an excuse to make movies. It's always nice to have a deadline, and if you know there's a screening coming up, then there's a deadline. So we'd make these 3 to 5 minutes movies. And you can't really have a opening with 3 to 5 minute movies unless you have a whole bunch of them. And so it's great to invite the community to come together and screen a whole bunch of short films in the same venue. By screening several short films together like that you get a good cross section of the community; you get a good sense of community voice, what's on people's minds and what they're interested in creating."

This week is the JUMP Winter Film festival, with a record number of films submitted.

"All kinds of people enter. We get all different ages ranges, all different backgrounds and all different subject matter. All kinds of movies; everything from animation to documentary, to narrative fiction; it's all over the place, experimental films." Race explained.

With about an hour and a half of films to present, the show will be screened at the following locations and times:

Goldtown Nickelodeon
Thursday 2/3 - 7pm
Friday 2/4 & Saturday 2/5 - 7 & 9pm
UAS Egan Lecture Hall
Friday 2/11 - 7pm

The event recently moved from the Silverbow to the Goldtown Nickelodeon which has increased the technical quality of the festival.

"The projector at the Goldtown Nickelodeon is just really out of this world. They've got a really good digital projector there; it's kind of hard to beat as far as projecting your films in that environment, it's a lot more consistent." Said Race.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is also taking place this week with shows at Centennial Hall at 7pm this Thursday and Friday.

By: Mikko Wilson -