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Safety tips and events schedule for Halloween 2010
Published: 10/28/2010 18:32:00
Halloween is right around the corner, with many festivities starting Friday, and running through the weekend.

We got some trick-or-treating safety tips from Sergeant Dave Campbell of the Juneau Police Department.

"We would like to remind parents to have their children to wear bright clothing; if they're wearing dark clothing, put some sort of reflective gear on it. The main goal is to be visible to motorists. We recommend that children stay in groups and have adult supervision. When they are going from house to house; try and stay on the sidewalk or off to the side of the road.

Another piece of advice is do not go into the house of a person you don't know, so don't go into a stranger's house. And as far as the treats go: only accept treats that are store bought and don't consume any candy that looks like the packaging might have been opened or damaged.

And then for drivers, we just want to remind everyone that there are going to be more people walking around the streets, so to slow down a little bit and be a little bit more conscious of the pedestrians on the side of the road."
Trick-or-treating is expected to mostly occur on Sunday evening. If you have treats to share, there are some things you can do to show your house is worth visiting. Campbell explained "Well typically leave the front porch light on. At my house, we just have the jack-o'-lanterns lit and ready so that people know that we are home and ready for trick-or-treaters."

And for the older crowd, similar suggestions apply.

"Well again the same thing just to be secure, safe; pedestrian safety, make sure that you don't cause a nuisance for the streets. And if people see any kind of suspicious activity - vandalisms, egging, anything like that - defiantly call the Juneau police department" said Campbell.

Friday 10/29:
Pumpkin Carving Party / 3pm - 6pm The Canvas Community Arts Center / Free
Haunted house & Halloween Carnival / 5:30pm - 7:30pm Nugget Mall
Girl Scouts Haunted House / 5:30pm - 7:30pm Mendenhall Mall / $5 each , $20 Family
Halloween Dance with Twilight Hotel / 8pm Centennial Hall / $18 Adults, $13 Senior, $8 Student, $5 Under 5 and UAS

Saturday 10/30:
Pet Festival / 11am - 4pm JACC / Free
Haunted house & Halloween Carnival / 12pm - 5pm Nugget Mall
Kids Costume Contest / 4pm Nugget Mall
Girl Scouts Haunted House / 1pm - 5pm Mendenhall Mall / $5 each , $20 Family
Mask-Fur-Aide Ball / 8pm JACC / $20
If you do chose to drink, like New Year, CHARR is offering a "Free Ride Home" program Saturday evening where you can ask the bartender at participating locations to call you a free cab home.

Sunday 10/31:
Haunted house & Halloween Carnival / 1pm - 4pm Nugget Mall
Trick-or-Treating / 3pm - 4:30pm Nugget Mall
Halloween night Trick-or-Treating

Remember to stay safe and visible, watch out for kids in neighborhoods, and from all of us here at KATH-TV; Happy Halloween!

By: Mikko Wilson -